Mr. Ford was dubbed the “Shaman of Wall Street” by the Washington Post and The Economist Magazine referred to Lawrence as a “man of two worlds”. NPR named him “The Finance Guru” and the Retirement Income Journal recently dubbed him as “The Spiritual Advisor”. He has dedicated much of his life to being a bridge between the modern world of  business and the ancient world of wisdom.

Mr. Ford has had a long estimable career as an Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, and Consultant, helping both large organizations and individuals through transition and crisis as top leader and consultant in the Financial Investment Industry and through his speaking and private practice.

In 1998, Ford was named one of six people to form the Citigroup Advisors Committee, which was tasked to oversee the marketing and cross-selling challenges that resulted from the historic $70 billion merger of Travelers and Citibank. He is known as a leader on the best practices of what he calls ‘client conservation and corporate soul retrieval.’

Because of this, he has been called in to assist with several large, complex, international financial services organizations during their times of crisis and transition.

He is passionate about preserving and promoting ancient wisdom for modern times through his writing and teachings, and by leveraging the power of money to help make the world a better place.

In 2001 Mr. Ford was also one of the leaders in what the industry now calls “Robo Advisors” while he was the Senior Vice President for a hundred-person early stage company called Direct Advice. In 2008, Ford was engaged as Senior Vice President of Investment Services to head up the investment management business for a national retirement plan administration and investment management company with $10 billion of AUM. In 2011, he worked with GuidedChoice and the esteemed

Dr. Harry Markowitz (Nobel Prize winner for Modern Portfolio Theory) to help democratize financial advice for retirement plan participants via advancements in technology.

He is the past Co-Chair of RIIA’s Retirement Income Industry Association (Retirement Income Industry Association) Member Services Business Unit, and consultant to the RIIA-RMA (Retirement Management Analyst) Governance/Oversight Committee. Additionally, Ford has published articles in numerous business periodicals, and has been a featured speaker at numerous  events  and conferences.

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